Writing Samples

Here are a few samples that demonstrate the range and style of our writing. Feel free to contact Laurel.Mildred@ingeniouswords.com to discuss your unique project.

Podcast Scripts

We have designed podcasts around policy issues and scripted the content for guest presenters. In this case we used an expert’s lengthy written documentation as the source, creating a short and simplified version of his work as the script for a podcast.


We write brochures that summarize key information in a nutshell. In this project we were given significant creative license to produce a series of brochures with individualized information for different wildlife preserves. We developed the concept and approach, did the background research, wrote the copy, and hired and worked with a designer to create original art for the illustrations.

Case Studies

Taking an illustrative example and digging into the details, we write case studies and vignettes that provide an in-depth description or tell the story of a person’s experience. This example does both, first describing a model program and then telling the story of how the program intervened in a disabled person’s health care.